Sroat offers various services to NGOs and Corporates as well as we share our expertise with many more NGOs through various training modules.

1) Services to NGOs
      a) Human Resources
      b) Financial processes
      c) Administrative processes
      d) Fund raising strategies
      e) Public relations
      f) Designing Collaterals
      g) In house training

2) Services to Corporates (CSRs)
      a) Developing CSR
      b) Developing Volunteer program
      c) Mapping of NGOs
      d) Interfacing and liaisons with NGOs
      e) Monitoring agency for CSRs
      f) Orientation sessions for volunteers

3) Training and consultancy
      a) Effective Documentation
      b) Connect IT
      c) Effective proposal and report writing
      d) Human Resource at NGO
      e) Financial processes for NGO
      f) Fund raising strategies